About Me

I’m Sophia, an accredited business and personal development coach. I help those at a career crossroads to get clear on their career through exploring opportunities and finding fulfilment.

Ive gotten clear on my career twice, you might be thinking well you obviously didn’t get very clear the first time if you’ve done it twice, but both times the circumstances were very different.

The first time I experienced coaching was when I was 19. I had been recently promoted from an administration role into a trainee learning and development advisor post, I was excited about the challenges of the position and the career pathway that it supported, but I had this real resistance to the job and I couldn’t put my finger on why.

So much so that I actually went to my director 3 months into the post to say I didn’t want to continue with the position and it wasn’t for me! On reflection that was a really bold move, 19 year old was brave!

My director, also a coach, looked at our discussion from a different perspective and rather than saying ok we’ll demote you back to an administrator, she recommended I had coaching. This was my first experience of coaching at this early stage of my career and it was eye opening.

I realised through coaching that actually, it wasn’t the job role role I didn’t like (I know now on reflection I’m 100% in the right career!), but I was projecting my fear of public speaking onto the position.

Following the coaching I took action and got involved in public speaking classes, having a fulfilling career in learning and development ever since.

My second get clear on my career moment came more recently, I’ve been working in learning and development my whole career to date, helping people to grow in their own careers through training and coaching.

But recently something changed, the role didn’t change, my passion for learning didn’t change, but my inner motivations and drive did.

I’ve always had a entrepreneurial spirit deep within me, I’ve dreamed of one day starting up my own business from a young age but never really knew what that could be.

I realised that I had all the skills, knowledge and now confidence to take that step into the unknown.

I didn’t really do anything about it my realisation at first, I just kind of accepted that that was an option for the future me, maybe in another 5 years’ time. But perception is reality, and since having that realisation my perception of my job has changed.

This year I’ve been exposed to a number of opportunities to help me grow in a way that would support having my own business. I feel to some extent through my positive thought patterns the world has brought these opportunities to me to help me follow my dream.

The final nod from the universe I was on the right track came in a very unexpected way….

I’d been reading about ‘comping’, entering competitions online for free to win something. So I gave it a try, entering lots of competitions for holidays, beauty treatments etc.

Much to my amazement I got an email to say id won something, I never win anything!

I opened the email, excited to see what fancy island I could be jetting off to, when much to my surprise it said I’d won a free coaching session with an award winning coach. My initial thought was typical… I’m already a coach! But through my love of learning I approached the opportunity as a chance to experience a different coaches approach.

I approached the coaching session with an open mind, explaining to her that I too was a coach, the conversation swiftly changed to the simple question that affirmed where my thoughts were already at, “had I ever considered my own coaching business?”.

The hour we spent, although short and sweet was the final call from the universe that I was ready. My coach really made me consider if I was ready for a career in coaching and by the end of it I knew that I was.

Following the call I started reading, visualising what my coaching business would be and starting taking action towards achieving my goals of being able to leave my full time 9-5 and become the entrepreneur my younger self always aspired to be.

I’ve experienced how truly empowering coaching can be as a receiver but also seen the impact I have had when coaching others in the workplace.

Coaching has helped me periodically throughout my career, more specifically to get clear on my career twice.

My story is one of opportunity and fulfilment through getting clear, yours can be too.