Get clear on your career.

Are you unsure of your current career path? Asking yourself questions like:

  • Is this really what I want?
  • How can I achieve more than I currently am?
  • How can I feel fulfilled?
  • I’m capable of more but not sure what steps to take?
  • I want to try a new career or become self-employed but I don’t know where to start?
  • Leave behind that feeling that you’re meant to achieve more
  • Discover your true self, using this self-awareness to explore your career goals
  • have a career that fulfilled your own unique purpose
  • Feel confident you are really making a difference in your career
  • Be open to exploring opportunities you once might’ve declined
  • Feel confident in building your career
  • Believe that there is a career out there for you that brings you the life that you desire

I can help you make it happen

  • It’s 6 months from now, you’re clear on what you want from your career and taking actionable steps towards those goals.
  • You might’ve already achieved the career once your limiting beliefs stopped you from even trying for.
  • Your confidence is through the roof.
  • You now know you are capable of more than the old you ever imagined.
  • Your colleagues notice a change in your behaviour and attitude.
  • You wish you’d done this sooner!

I’ve been in your shoes, I’ve had career coaching twice to help me focus on where I needed to be.

I was once confused, longing for something different from my career.Working with a coach helped me to find the confidence, clarity and purpose that was within me but I wasn’t unlocking.

Coaching at the time felt daunting and a huge risk, I was exposing my true feelings and finally being honest with myself.

We’re all just expected to climb the typical career ladder and accept it. But when that ladder doesn’t work for you, you have to stop climbing!

That’s exactly what I did, I found a ladder that suited me.

We all have a career out there made for us, we just have to make a choice to find it.

  • You wish for a career that fulfils you.
  • You know you are worth so much more.
  • You want a career that aligns to your core values.
  • You want to grow your confidence in your career search, maybe you’ve only ever worked in one company, industry or profession but want to take a leap into something new.
  • You are ready to take action towards your goals.
  • You are ready to be personally accountable to achieving your own success.

My coaching programme will be bespoked to meet your individual needs as all of our career journeys are different. 

The initial discovery call will help me understand your needs, I will look to create a programme of wrap around content that works for you and will help you on your journey. 

I have however pulled together some suggested areas of content we may wish to bring into your coaching depending upon your needs.

Some of the bespoke content we may wish to cover –

  • Self-awareness – Self awareness is the perfect place to start, because without a true understanding of who you are and your values you can’t truly find a career that will align and fulfill you. I have a number of self-reflective activities to help you explore your values and motivations.
  • Aspirations – If you aren’t sure right now what you want, understanding your aspirations is really important. How will you know if you’ve achieved success if you aren’t clear on what success looks like? By the end you will be able to clearly visualise success, whatever that means for you personally. 
  • Mindset – Explore your limiting beliefs and what’s your true inhibitors are to achieving success. We all have them, it’s about finding out what they are and addressing them.
  • Skills exploration – Sure you might understand your values, but what about you as an individual will get you your dream job? This will explore your own personal skills, looking for gaps to be addressed whether those be knowledge, skills or behaviour.
  • Action planning – Action planning is core to success in anything. If you don’t understand the steps to take to get there, how can you achieve success. We will really map out our action plan to finally meet the future you you dream of.

I will use my experience from my career in learning and development (within Human Resources), working for large companies and big brands doing exactly this.

I know what’s required in the recruitment processes and what makes candidates stand out from the crowd.

After spending every day helping individuals learn, develop, and grow I can coach you, like I have many others, to move towards your goals even if it means behavioural change too.  I can share this wealth of knowledge with you.

My knowledge of personality profiling, through psychometric tools means I have a real understanding of what makes people tick, what motivates them and what barriers might be in the way of achieving their own personal success. I will use this knowledge to motivate and encourage you, in a way that suits your own personal style.

I have a track record of getting results for individuals through coaching, so what are you waiting for?

What’s the cost?

I believe that coaching programmes shouldn’t be a one size fits all approach and depending on how clear on your career you already are a full 6 month programme might not be required.

With this in mind I’ve created a tiered approach dependent upon your needs, in the discovery call we will discuss your needs and make recommendations for which tier is most suited to you.

To give you an idea a programme consisting of six coaching sessions costs £600.

If you’ve read all of the above and are excited about getting started, drop me a message with your details and I’ll arrange a call.