A year in review activity for team building or team meetings

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A year in review is a great activity to reflect on the previous year as a team and plan for 2021.

This year has been especially challenging for us all, with covid-19, working from home and lockdown to name but a few.

No one could have foreseen the year that lay ahead as we forecast our plans and priorities for 2020.

What it does bring us however, as the year closes, is an opportunity to pause and reflect on the challenges and successes of the year.

This article provides 10 questions you can use in a team meeting (physical or virtual!) or as part of a team development day. Use them to explore what the team has achieved this year but also what we want to leave behind in 2021.

The 10 ‘a year in review’ questions

10 questions for the a year in review activity

1.      If we could summarise our year in one sentence, what would it be?

One sentence forces the group to get creative, another great way to approach this question is through metaphor. i.e. If we could liken the teams approach this year to an animal/country/food etc. what would it be?

2.      What successes can we celebrate from this year?

Although the year has been challenging there will be lots of successes to draw upon.

3.      What’s been our biggest challenge and how did we overcome it?

This question isn’t intended to become a moaning session (unless it’s really needed to move forward!), the focus moves swiftly towards how the team have overcome the challenge and this is where the value of this question lies.

4.      How have we demonstrated great teamwork this year?

Obvious question, but an important one to establish the team’s views regarding teamwork.

5.      Where have we shown great decision making this year?

As above, an obvious one but decision making is important to reflect on too. You could also explore the more challenging decisions, or the decisions that didn’t perhaps go as intended.

6.      What’s one thing from this year that we don’t want to carry into 2021, and why?

Establishing the activities, decisions, team working or challenges the team have faced that should stay in 2020 and not move forward.

7.      What’s one thing from this year what we do want to carry into 2021, any why?

Establishing the activities, decisions, teamworking or challenges the team have faced that should carry into the coming year.  

8.      Has there been any barriers to us performing at our best this year?

Barriers are a great area to explore, they can assess processes, procedures, culture, team working etc. The opportunities are endless.

9.      Is there anything we want to change in our working methods for 2021?

Reflecting on the year provides an opportunity to explore working methods, processes, procedures or better practices.

10.  If we could summarise our hopes for 2021 in one sentence, what would it be?

Finish on a high, you could even use the metaphor example again from question one, but this time focused for the future.


Those are the 10 questions I’d recommend for your ‘a year in review’ team meeting or team building session.

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