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  • Blog FAQ’s – If you want to see certain topics covered in the blog or to want to know more about my courses or 1:1 coaching. Drop me an email and I’d be happy to help or answer your questions.
  • L&D Team Development – Are you interested in hiring me to support your L&D team’s continuous professional development? I’m available, let’s talk and discuss the learning need. I’ve got a range of virtual options available too, if you’re outside of the U.K. or simply prefer virtual delivery.
  • Blog collaborations or freelance writing – Want to collaborate with me on a blog related project or want me to guest post for your website? I’m open to discuss any potential collaborations.
  • Public speaking or podcast requests – If you’d like me to share my experience in L&D at your event or on your podcast please get in touch I’m open to requests. As a true L&D generalist with years of experience I’ve got plenty of topics I can discuss but my area of focus mostly is on those joining the L&D profession.

Ways to reach me:

Speak soon, Sophia.

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