Top 10 list of online learning tools you to improve your learners experience

Looking for a list of online learning tools? You’ve come to the right blog post.

As learning and development professionals we’re being asked to deliver more online learning than ever before.

That means were looking for new online learning tools to enhance the learning experience. So the focus isn’t just on the presentation and the interaction through web conferencing.

Online learning has much more scope to be an engaging, interactive experience, providing you’ve got the right tools in your toolkit.

By the end of this blog post, you will have a list of 10 online learning tools you can start using today to enhance your online learning.

Any prices referenced in this article are correct as of May 2020.

1. Lino  

Looking for a tool to emulate a session that would usually take place with post it notes and flipchart paper? Look no further than Lino. Lino is a free sticky and canvas service that requires nothing but a web browser

It’s great for sharing ideas with group members, whether this be for idea creation, project management, or any other use you may need it for.

  • Use it for: Idea sharing and facilitation
  • Cost:  Free and requires nothing but a web browser
  • Benefits: Free, can be embedded. If you’re using it for projects, you can even set reminders and due date. It works on mobile devices too.
List of online learning tools - Linoit
Example of how their platform looks

2. Miro  

The online collaborative whiteboard platform to bring teams together, anytime, anywhere

Same concept as Liniot, but the most visually appealing out of the two. It does come at a cost, as the free package is limited o only 3 boards. If you’re working with multiple teams you will need to subscribe.

  • Use it for: Idea sharing and facilitation
  • Cost: The free package lets you have 3 editable boards, if you need more then you are required to purchase, if a team requires it there is also a cost.
  • Benefits: Visually appealing, the costs are reasonable and with paid packages you can vote too, which is a great extra feature.
List of online learning tools - Miro
Example of the Miro platform
List of online learning tools - Miro
Example of the Miro platform

3. Canva   

Visuals have a huge impact on the learning experience, they help with retention of learning, increase engagement and aid understanding. Create better visuals with Canva.

Canva covers all types of templates for visuals, such as presentations, infographics, animated visuals etc.  I use it to create all the visuals for my website and Instagram account.

  • Use it for: Creating engaging presentations and visuals
  • Cost: Free for the basic package, which is extensive, plenty choice of images and illustrations. The pro package starts from around $9.99 per month, which gets you colour branded themes, making it quicker to build visuals.
  • Benefits: Good free package, lots of choices to choose from.
List of online learning tools - Canva
Example of the Canva platform

4. Kahoot  

Looking to bring more fun and interactivity into your online learning? Kahoot can help with that. Gamify your online learning experiences with Kahoot.

Use the pre-created themed quizzes or create your own. You can include polls, puzzles, slides and even host tournaments.

Learners need to download the mobile app and they’re ready to compete, wherever in the world they in.  Kahoot now integrates with Microsoft Teams too, making it much easier if you’re using this platform for online learning.

  • Use it for: Creating quizzes, and gamification
  • Cost: Prices start from as little as £10 a month for one organisation, hosting up to 20 players per Kahoot. If you need more players you’ll need to up your monthly package.
  • Benefits: Great for bringing fun and competition into learning, easy to use for both the creator and the learners
List of online learning tools - Kahoot!
Example of the Kahoot! platform

5. Mentimeter

Looking to use polls and get real time feedback from your learners? Mentimeter can help with that. With Mentimeter you can create interactive presentations & meetings, wherever you are. 

You can also get real-time input from remote teams and online students with live polls, quizzes, word clouds, Q&As and more.

  • Use it for: Real-time polls and answers from learners
  • Cost: There is a free package which includes unlimited audience size and unlimited presentations. The basic package is £8.99 a month, which gives you unlimited questions per presentation, export and total ownership of your data. £21.99 a month means you can brand your own presentations.
  • Benefits: Easy to use, an established brand, don’t need to download an app to use.
List of online learning tools - Mentimeter
Example of Mentimeter Platform

6. Poll Everywhere

Looking to use polls and get real time feedback from your learners? You’ve also got Poll Everywhere, which offers a similar package to Mentimeter, which was previously mentioned.

Poll Everywhere lets you capture powerful feedback instantly during virtual meetings, classes, events, and more. With their software you can host interactive remote meetings, anywhere.

  • Use it for: Real-time polls and answers from learners
  • Cost: Free package has unlimited questions and a max audience of 25. If you need a bigger audience it’s an annual cost of $120 per year, the packages then increase from there with additional features.
  • Benefits: Easy to use, simple online web page for learners to vote
List of online learning tools - Poll Everywhere
Example of Poll Everywhere platform

7. Prezi   

Looking to use something different to PowerPoint for delivering your online learning? Give your presentation extra flare with Prezi.

Prezi is an alternative to using PowerPoint with a number of extra features such as zoom functions, so you presentation no longer needs to be a linear experience. Prezi has a number of templates already available to get you started and works will all major web conferencing software.

  • Use it for: A different approach to presentations
  • Cost: There is a basic package that’s free, minus all the premium features. Otherwise for £7 a month you can access the personal use package, which gets you access to unlimited visuals and advanced privacy options.
  • Benefits: Easy to use, been on the market for a long time and it’s a tried and tested product.
List of online learning tools - Prezi
Example of Prezi Platform

8. Unsplash    

Looking for images for your presentations but not sure where to find copyright free versions? Unsplash has you covered with the internet’s source of freely-usable images. Powered by creators everywhere.

Unsplash holds work from 100’s of photographers, with copyright free imaging. All that’s requested in return is the photographers work to be credited where used.

  • Use it for: High-quality copyright free images
  • Cost: Free
  • Benefits: Make your presentations stand out with quality images.
List of online learning tools - Unsplash
Example of Unsplash platform

9. VideoScribe

Looking to create animated drawing videos in your online learning? A great option is VideoScribe.

You’ve probably seen their graphics before, but did you know you can create your own for free?

  • Use it for: Creating animated videos
  • Cost: You can create videos for free with lots of features available. You can’t however remove the watermark or resell the videos. Which may be an issue if you’re delivering a paid course. If you want to access the paid version, there is a cheap £10 deal for a single account, which gives you access to all the pro features.
  • Benefits: Engaging, easy to follow videos,
Tools for online learning - VideoScribe
Example of VideoScribe

10. Powtoon

Want to present your content in a video? Powtoon helps you create awesome videos and presentations.

Input your content into their video builder, using one of their templates and you have an engaging, interactive video in minutes.

  • Use it for:  Creating engaging animated videos
  • Cost: The free package gets you a max length video of 3 mins with Powtoon branding and access to the free images and music. Anything else requires a paid package, and the cheapest starts at $27 a month. That’ll get you access to 5 premium exports per month and access to pro and free content.
  • Benefits:  Really easy to use, and the videos they create do look professional and engaging. If you’ve got budget this is something worth investing in
List of online learning tools - powtoon
Example of Powtoon platform

That concludes list of online learning tools. If you need more guidance into creating online learning, I’ve covered this in two other blog posts. How to turn classroom training into online learning quickly and how to make your online learning transformational.

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