Consultancy Services


Use learning needs analysis to get to the root cause of your learning needs.

Learning Solutions

Create a bespoke, blended learning solution to meet your needs.


Use 1:1 coaching to develop teams or individuals.

Consultancy Services

My services are for you if….

  • You want someone who can offer an end to end solution. From consultancy through to designing and delivering the learning intervention
  • You want to enhance performance through team development or leadership/management development. You’re looking for someone to design and deliver a bespoke solution
  • You’re looking for a partner who can bring creativity, new solutions and digitise traditional approaches to learning
  • You want to work with an L&D specialist who can be your creative and trusted partner throughout any learning project

Benefits of working with me:

You’ll work with an experienced L&D specialist that’s introduced multiple learning projects. Projects that make impact and lead to enhanced team and organisational performance.


  • Transformed and digitised induction programmes
  • Created, designed and delivered multiple high performing blended learning solutions
  • Managed high profile competency frameworks.

All of this puts me in a great position to provide with you an end to end solution. From learning consultancy through to designing and delivering learning that has an impact.

I bring creative solutions and will work with you as a trusted partner. I care about your success and aim only for the right, bespoke solution for your needs.


You can’t enhance performance until you know where the gaps are.

Sophia Grainger

Consultancy is for you if:

  • You know that there is an aim or objective to enhance performance that requires a change in your people’s skills, knowledge, or behaviours but you’ve no idea where to start.

Often organisations know that there is a problem to solve, but are so close to the problems they’re unable to see them any longer. Or perhaps you don’t have time to delve deeper to find the root cause and fix it.

If that sounds like you then get in touch, I can work with your organisation to complete a needs analysis. Needs analysis can be conducted for the whole organisation, a department or at a team level dependant upon the need.

The value of a needs analysis is it helps us to identify firstly, where the performance need is and what the skills-gaps are. Armed with this information we can create the right solution. Too often I see organisations invest money in development programmes without conducting a thorough enough needs analysis first, and they create a solution that doesn’t fix the problem in the first place!

By working with me to conduct a needs analysis I’ll provide you with a plan to move forward. You can either take this plan forward yourself with your internal team, or of course, I’m on hand to support you as well with bespoke learning solutions and coaching.

When conducting a needs analysis follows these steps:

1: Data – I’ll be delving into any data you have available to see what this is telling us. Data can provide a lot of clues, if you know what to look for.

2: Discussions – Once I’ve had a look into the data available I’ll then speak to key stakeholders, managers and individuals to get their views. If it’s a large team we may opt for focus groups or a questionnaire then speak to a sample of your people.

3: Diagnostic – I’ll provide you with a diagnostic of the learning needs that you can review with an actionable list of recommendations to move forward. Sometimes, the results may not be what you expect and might not always result in a ‘training programme’.

Bespoke learning solutions

No two learning needs are the same.

Sophia Grainger

No two learning needs are the same, so why should we treat it like that? I’m not a believer in ‘off the shelf’ solutions. I’ll help you scope out the learning needs and find the right solution for you.

I also think it’s important to remember that learning is much more than an isolated training course. I’ll also explore how we can get the most value from your project by ensuring the wrap around support is there to transfer the learning onto the job. As on the job application is where the real value is. This is what I’m great at, making learning truly blended.

I’ve got some tools in my toolkit that add value serious value:

Personality profiling – I can weave this into many development programmes to enhance self-awareness. Which for me, is the foundation of improving as a leader or growing as a team

Coaching – As part of blended solutions coaching is also an important factor. This can help with transitioning and deepening learning by having 1:1 time to reflect. I build this into all my learning programmes and it’s often the bit that learners value most! I’ve coached from entry level positions right through to director level

Virtual Delivery – Travel costs can add a big expense onto learning programmes. Save travel time for your employees, and reduce your organisations carbon footprint by opting for either partially or fully virtual delivery. I’m experienced in creating virtual programmes that are interactive and practical

If you’ve got a learning or performance need for team or management development then get in touch for a free consultation. This initial discussion will help me to understand your needs and help you explore further the requirement. After this meeting I’ll send you a proposal and if you like what you see, we can get started!


A safe space dedicated to personal growth

Coaching is such a powerful and empowering experience to progress both personally or professionally. In our busy corporate lives, how often do we take dedicated time to stop and reflect on situations to learn from them and move forward? Coaching provides a safe space to reflect and learn from experiences but also take action towards goals. Coaching paved the way for the career that I have today and I’m a big believer in it’s value.

If you’re interested in coaching for an individual or a group, get in touch.

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